Vision Statement

Our light based technology sees beyond the visual, bringing exciting new insights to research, aesthetics and medicine.

Mission Statement

We build light based imaging devices that give professionals transformative tools for preventing, diagnosing, and curing medical skin conditions.  Our unprecedented science profoundly impacts the health and resilience of skin, and increases quality of life.

History & Relationships

Innovation from the Beginning

The seeds for Modulated Imaging were planted in 2002, when David Cuccia, then an undergraduate in Physics at UC Irvine, began exploring new light-based ways to more accurately image and measure the health of tissue. Read More…

Management Team

Illuminated Success Driven by Talent
The Team at Modulated Imaging brings together diverse backgrounds and specialties into a dynamic group focused on quality work. Read More…

Board of Directors

Our Board works to ensure that the Modulated Imaging vision remains true to its roots, as we work to excel in the larger. Read More…


View our current job openings and other positions.  Read More…