Aesthetics  Skin Assessment


Improve your understanding of skin by seeing beyond its surface.

Because Modulated Imaging’s technology can see beyond what your eye can, we can help you get a true assessment of underlying skin complexion and health. We use visible and near-infrared light to measure skin properties ten times deeper than what the human eye can detect.

Many factors—like melanin, epidermal thickness, collagen structure, hydration, and blood distribution—contribute to skin health and appearance. Our subsurface imaging allows us to quantify components like these to help in your skin assessment research. Modulated Imaging’s patented technology uses structured illumination to take several snapshots of the skin with various patterns and colors, and then applies our advanced algorithms to combine these images to make it easy to understand the results.

Modulated Imaging has six patents and more than forty peer-reviewed papers that have validated the Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) technology. Using SFDI, we can quantify and visualize skin properties that include hemoglobin, oxygenation, melanin, hydration, and tissue scattering over large and contoured surfaces, like a face. No other system today, including specialized digital photography, has these capabilities.

Our technology is poised to set the new standard for both aesthetic medicine and the beauty industry, because it can provide new insight about your skin health for aging, scars, rashes, acne, and other skin conditions.