unnamed  Burns


Unbiased measurement of burn severity replaces subjective diagnosis with objective readings.

Modulated Imaging’s innovations can aid in burn diagnosis, and help guide treatment and wound healing. The correct treatment of burns depends entirely on an accurate diagnosis of a wound’s severity. Unfortunately, even experts can incorrectly diagnose partial thickness burns a third of the time. Current analysis is based on subjective evaluation of wound coloring, tissue necrosis, burn surface area, and edema.

Our technology measures surface and subsurface tissue properties that assess the structure and function of a burn quantitatively. Recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that our results correlate to current gold standard histology measurements of burn depth, but without the pain of a biopsy. Additionally, our measurements distinguish burn severity prior to visible changes in the wound, which gives clinicians actionable information in making treatment decisions earlier than with current methods.

Furthermore, experts are not always readily available, as there are only fifty-four designated burn centers in the United States. Modulated Imaging’s accurate assessment brings the experts to you.

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Ox-Imager CS for medical applications is pending FDA 510(k) review, and is not currently available for sale in the US.