unnamed  Critical Care


The potential to become a new “vital sign” for assessing the health of critically ill patients.

Today’s patient in the intensive care unit (ICU) is connected to more wires and devices than one can count. Vital signs, such as perfusion and metabolism, are key inputs for the clinician to interpret the heath of a critically ill patient. Modulated Imaging’s innovations have the potential to provide these vital signs for assessing health without touching the patient.

Our measurements of blood perfusion and oxygenation in the skin provide a non-invasive measure of tissue oxygen consumption. Persistent skin issues can be a telling sign—think of someone who goes pale—of what may be occurring within their core organs. We can measure these signs quantitatively for all skin tones. We accomplish this without ever touching the subject, which is critical when dealing with fragile or small subjects, such as premature babies.

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