unnamed  Foot Ulcers


Helping clinicians screen and direct therapy for foot ulcers, which are a growing problem in healthcare.

Modulated Imaging can help ensure patient quality of life by identifying trouble before an ulcer develops. Poor peripheral circulation coupled with poor foot care can cause an onset of diabetic foot ulcers. These ulcers are painful, difficult to heal, and can lead to amputation. Often, patients don’t even realize that they have an issue until the problem is critical. Our technology can measure peripheral perfusion, and allow primary care doctors to screen subjects and prescribe preventative measures prior to ulcer formation.

We can also help the wound care specialist when an ulcer has already formed. Treatment for diabetic foot ulcers is complicated and unique. Expert wound doctors can use multiple tools to help patients recover. However, healing is slow, and patient compliance is a challenge. Modulated Imaging’s measurement of wound structure and function can help track the progression of the wound, so that treatments can be individualized for each patient.

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