unnamed  Reconstructive Flap


Accurate assessment of perfusion and oxygenation brings confidence to reconstructive surgery. Modulated Imaging provides a quantitative measurement of tissue perfusion for improved patient outcome. Proper perfusion is critical for successful reconstructive flap procedures following mastectomies or other procedures where pedicle flaps and free tissue transfer flaps are utilized. Flap surgery requires viable tissue for transplantation, and complex microsurgery to successfully perform the operation. Although there are technologies in existence to measure perfusion, the current standard of care relies on subjective evaluation of tissue discoloration and temperature.

Our method measures surface and subsurface tissue components, specifically hemoglobin and tissue oxygenation, to visualize distribution of perfusion without the use of contrast agents. Below we show an example of a flap that fails due to poor design. Although everything looks normal to the human eye, our instrument sees beyond that to signs of future failure, enabling intervention and avoidance of additional complications. This allows pre-operative surgical planning, intra-operative validation of successful attachment, and post-operative monitoring for flap failure.

Modulated Imaging technology has the potential to impact how reconstructive surgeries are planned and executed while saving time in the OR.

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