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The Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) technology of Modulated Imaging is an emerging optical technique used to quantitatively characterize turbid (multiple scattering) materials.

In the last ten years, SFDI has emerged as a powerful new optical imaging method that has been increasingly adopted in a wide variety of fields. SFDI uses structured illumination to accurately separate absorption and scattering properties over a wide field and without contact. To date, SFDI has enabled research in many new application areas for research labs in both industry and academia, and the results have been published internationally in many peer-reviewed journals.

Researchers from the Beckman Laser Institute at UC Irvine founded Modulated Imaging to build the first commercially available SFDI system. Our flexible research products enable custom wavelength, spatial frequency, and field-of-view imaging to fit your specific research needs. We make hardware and software products that give you the tools to acquire, analyze, and visualize your SFDI data in order to save you time and immediately address your research interests.

Interested? Contact us to get more information—no matter your application (biological or not) or occupation (industry or academia), Modulated Imaging has something to offer you.