Reflect RS® for Aesthetics

The Reflect RS® for Aesthetics is a next-generation photography capture-and-analysis method using Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) to quantitatively look at skin below the surface.

At Modulated Imaging, we understand that skin complexion is determined by more than what you can see with your eye. Components like melanin, epidermal thickness, collagen structure, and blood distribution, all contribute in a complex way to your appearance.

The Reflect RS® for Aesthetics uses our patented structured illumination method to go beyond what traditional photography can capture. We take several snapshots of the skin with various patterns and colors, and use our advanced algorithms to combine these images. This generates quantitative “photos” of multiple components, such as hemoglobin, oxygenation, melanin, and tissue scattering. As you can see below, our methods measure a wide field of view, and correct for surface topology across the contours of a face.

Digital photographs have made many advances in the past years, but are still subject to inconsistencies due to lighting, user error, and body curvature. Our approach is poised to become the new standard for companies and dermatologists to communicate to their patients the benefit of creams, lotions, fillers, laser treatments, and injectables for improving their complexion.

We also know that subsurface imaging is critical in assessing skin complexion by quantifying its composition before changes are visible. Unlike traditional photography, the Reflect RS® utilizes polarization and near-infrared light to accurately measure ten times deeper than what you see with your eye. Using our skin-specific models, we can provide depth-averaged (2-5 mm) and wide-field (>20 cm) metrics of your skin’s:

  • Melanin (skin tone)
  • Hemoglobin (hyperemia, erythema)
  • Tissue oxygen saturation
  • Tissue scattering (a correlate to collagen fibril density)
  • Multi-spectral absorption
  • Hydration