Reflect RS® for Research

The Reflect RS® is the only commercially available Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (SFDI) measurement system. It is a turn-key hardware and software solution for researchers who need to Image optical properties (µa and µs) of tissue or any scattering sample over large fields of view.

Reflect RS® is user-friendly, non-contact imaging device for biomedical researchers to detect and visualize spatially resolved optical and functional parameters of biological tissue based on SFDI.

Our comprehensive tools enable you to …

Illuminate samples with patterned illumination and multi-spectral imaging to accurately measure tissue properties many mm beneath the tissue surface. Detect remitted light and analyze data using our proprietary spatial frequency domain imaging (SFDI) algorithms to isolate optical properties. Visualize the lateral spatial distribution of tissue chromophores over a contoured 3D tissue surface and Quantify the multispectral diffuse reflectance and derived optical properties for longitudinal monitoring and inter-sample comparison. Our software can be customized and easily configured by the user in software, including the capability of user-defined custom pattern illumination.