Case Studies

In Skin Flap Applications, SFDI…

  • Enables early detection of vascular occlusion (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Quantifies sensitivity to partial flap occlusion (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Observes changes to flaps earlier than visual perception (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Correlates well with FDA-cleared devices (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Has been tested in clinical flap surgeries (PubMed, .pdf)

In Burn Applications, SFDI…

  • Shows promise as a new tool for assessing burn severity (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Immediately and accurately estimates burn depth and extent when compared to gold standard methods (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Can be combined with laser-based techniques for assessing blood flow (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Differentiates superficial and deep partial-thickness burns (PubMed, .pdf)

For Skin Characterization, SFDI…

  • Enhances skin research when combined with microscopic tools (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Quantifies the effects of laser treatments on vascular birthmarks (PubMed, .pdf)

In Foundational Research, SFDI…

  • Was first demonstrated as a novel method to measure and depth-resolve optical properties (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Is thoroughly characterized in a seminal paper (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Has been the subject of a comprehensive review (PubMed, .pdf)
  • SFDI hardware was developed commercially by Modulated Imaging and systematically evaluated at Dartmouth College (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Is compatible with data acquisition over complex 3D surfaces (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Enables quantitative measurements of tissue fluorescence (PubMed, .pdf)
  • Can be used for tomographic 3D imaging (PubMed, .pdf)